This project is designed to improve communications between the administration and residents by making greater use of email and text messaging.

Many residents are not aware of how much the town still communicates with residents by phone, printed documents, and the mail.

Connexion Potton is intended to gradually move the town – administrators, council members and residents alike – into greater use of modern digital communications and in the process, hopefully leave more room and resources for those phone calls and face to face conversations that really matter.

Of course, there are many benefits expected from this change – faster, cheaper, more environmentally-friendly communications are some of them but there is also some hope that having this enhanced access will improve the town’s democratic process by helping residents better understand what the council is considering, and helping the council and administration get a more complete and representative view of residents’ views and priorities.

Connexion Potton is being done with keen awareness that not everyone in the township has access to digital communications. Every effort will be made to make sure that these residents remain well-informed and in touch.

Given that there is no up-to-date or complete list of residents, the project is building from the town’s list of properties / taxpayers, and this will require some sorting. Accordingly, the project is going to unfold in stages and is expected to take some time before it has run its course.

What Connexion Potton is attempting is something relatively new – very few if any municipalities in Quebec have attempted to do something like this. This means mistakes and learning as things unfold will be required. We hope that residents understand and will help as they can.

The first step, of course, is to sign up, get the rest of your adult family members signed up, and then encourage your Potton neighbors to do the same.

We are counting on you!


If you are looking for the link to the survey tool, please click here: https://surveys.tellcityhall.ca/potton. Please make sure to have the access code you received in the mail ready. If you have not received a letter from the township and believe you should have, you can ask for help by emailing to connexion@potton.ca

Please note that the Connexion Potton email address DOES NOT replace the municipality email address. For municipal information other than the Connexion Potton project, you must write to info@potton.ca or call 450 292-3313 ext. 0 as usual.

What is this project about?

This project will modernize how the Potton municipality communicates with residents by making greater use of email and text messages.

Why is the municipality doing this?

Electronic communications will allow the municipality to quickly inform residents about public safety situations and administrative matters as well as reduce the financial costs and waste of printed communications. The process will also allow residents to input information about their households – how many people live there, if anyone is dealing with reduced mobility and so on that might prove helpful to firefighter and first responders if they are called to your home. Over time, the project is expected to increase the speed, amount, and frequency of information that residents receive about public affairs and enable residents to provide feedback about those issues via surveys.

Is this going to cost a lot?

All of the work involved in gathering contact information from residents is being done on a volunteer basis by current Potton residents. A small investment in time and funds by the administration to adjust to these new methods will be required, but over the long term, the project is expected to improve communications and decrease costs.

How will we know if the project is on-cost and delivering as expected?

Our partners on the project will be assessing the project’s costs and benefits and will report to the council and the public so that adjustments can be made.

What is being asked of me?

If you have access to the Internet and/or a smart phone, you are being asked to link to a site where you will find a short survey where you can provide your contact details. Over time, you will be offered an opportunity to answer surveys on issues and priorities for the township but this data will never be stored on the council’s computer systems but rather kept on a more secure site (see further details below).

Do I have to do this, and what happens if I don't?

Signing up for this is entirely up to you. If you choose not to, you will not be able to receive timely public safety alerts, and you will have more limited or delayed access to the information the municipality sends out electronically. Further, any surveys the municipality conducts on your priorities and preferences may not be available to you.

What is this Unique Identification Number I received in the letter?

The unique number is tied to your Potton civic address and is an important tool to ensure that only eligible residents are signed up. It will be necessary to access the questionnaire and your data. Please keep it handy.

The letter was sent to the "Head of Household". Does this project concern only me?

No. The project is intended to get contact data for all residents aged 16 and over. When you access the questionnaire, you will be asked to help include the other members of your household.

Why should I bother with this?

First and foremost, this is being done to better inform you the next time the township encounters a severe public safety event such as a major flood, fire, pandemic, road wash out and so on. First responders and the fire department will arrive better prepared if they have advanced information about how many people live in your home and if anyone anything there requires their particular attention. Longer term, this should help the city communicate better – more cheaply, more quickly and in a more targeted fashion.

How is this going to affect people who do not have access to the Internet or a cell phone, or who choose not to participate?

People who do not have access to the Internet or to a cell phone or who have difficulty accessing them have no reason to worry and no action is required of them: They will continue to receive the municipal communications that they normally get through Canada Post.

I received more than one letter and more than one access code. What should I do?

This likely happened because your name or your mailing address is connected to more than one property. We ask that you go through the process for each property, particularly so the fire department and first responders can gather the information they need. If your properties are far apart in the township, you may want to consider adding your mobile phone numbers to each file. Otherwise, you need only supply your email once (you may “decline” for your other properties.) Of course, if you own a or several properties that you rent to people on a long term basis (i.e. with a yearly lease), you should indicate that on the questionnaire and provide a name so we can invite them to join connexion Potton.

I have yet to receive the letter and access code. How come?

As mentioned previously, the project is being done in stages and the most likely explanation is that you are on a list slated for a later stage. Currently the letters have been sent to taxpayers with a single residence on their property. Those that have more than one residence will be next. Please be patient.

How is the information I provide going to be used?

The following are the only authorised uses for your contact information:

Additionally, and with your permission, the municipality could send you information about issues before the town council and surveys.

Who will have access to the information I give to the municipality, and what is being done to protect it?

Use of your contact information will be authorized only for certain municipal employees and only for official purposes. No outside employee or elected officials will be authorized to access your contact information.

And what about those surveys?

For surveys, the township is partnering with a Canadian research company called Advanis and "Tell City Hall", their web platform for research on public policy. Advanis has protocols and procedures necessary to ensure that your data is kept secure and accessed only by those who are authorized to do so. All surveys are optional, and survey data will be kept strictly anonymous. At no time will survey answers be associated with personal contact information. For more detailed information, please click HERE.

How do I know that survey results won’t be used for (partisan) political purposes?

The objective of all the research done in this project is to give all residents a voice and help improve the feedback between the township and residents. All surveys will be written, analyzed, and reported on by an independent research professional. These reports will be submitted to the town council and always be made publicly available.

How long is all of this going to take and what happens in the meantime?

This has not been tried in many Canadian communities and certainly never before in Potton, so the duration or even success of the project remains to be seen. If you provide an email and/or a phone number, you will receive regular updates on how the project is coming along.

How can I cancel my participation?

You may cancel your participation at any time simply by sending an email to connexion@potton.ca

Who do I contact if I change email address or cell phone number?

You can access and edit your contact information simply be re-connecting to the link provided and logging in with your Unique ID Number.

Can I sign up later when I know this is up and running?

Yes, but your early participation is requested.

I have more questions or concerns. Where can I find more information about the Connexion Potton project?

Please do not call City Hall. If you have a written question related only to the Connexion Potton project, please email it to connexion@potton.ca, If you want to talk to somebody, please call 450-292-0844 and leave a message. Someone will get back to you shortly.